About us


Simon Liu, the owner of 880 Auto Works, has worked and supervised various import and domestic service departments for the last 29 years. Simon graduated with top honors from Arizona Automotive Institute. He has established an excellent relationship with customers and automotive manufacturers.

Simon is a certified master technician, he is highly respected and is often used as the go to person when other technicians are having difficulty diagnosing vehicles. As a mentor he has trained numerous employees to excel as technicians and mechanics in this demanding field. With his factory training, extensive computer knowledge combined with 29 years of hands on automotive service experience; Simon has developed outstanding trouble shooting and diagnostic skills on both domestic and foreign cars.

Newly opened in San Carlos, 880 Auto Works is fully equipped with state of the art equipment that will provide high quality care for your vehicle to meet manufacturer standards. There is no reason to bring your automobile to a dealership for service and support, Simon will provide you with a comparable level of technical expertise at a very competitive price. Simon’s mission is a trusting, long lasting relationship with excellent personal service.

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